Frequently asked questions regarding No Need To Paint external wall coatings. If your question isn’t answered below, please feel free to give us a call to discuss.

Traditionally properties are rendered using standard sand and cement or pebble dashing which is a hundred year old technology. The problem with normal render is it is porous, so once it is installed it has to be painted, once painted the paint offers very little weather protection, is only cosmetic and of course it has to be painted every two or three years. Pebble dashing also offers very little weatherproof and damp proof protection, over a period of time the pebbles can drop off and collect on the floor or driveways. In recent years, coloured cements such as K-rend, Monocouche and Weber are certainly a big improvement but nevertheless are not a 100% weatherproof. They tend to crack and with them being cement and gritty in appearance they are liable to stain and are difficult to clean.
The beauty of resin coatings as you can see from the enclosed sample, it is completely flexible; it’s similar to liquid UPVC, it’s fully breathable, totally weatherproof and washable. It is spray applied and literally fuses to the wall to provide a seamless finish.

Absolutely not! We have a network of installers who cover the whole of the UK. The majority of properties can be quoted virtually, this means we can look at your property via Google Earth, or if required photos can be sent by yourselves via email and with our 30 year experience in the business we would be able to price your property without the necessity initially of a home visit. Should you be comfortable with the price and it meets your budget criteria, we then of course could visit and show you everything firsthand. As stated, we have a network of installers local to you ensuring costs are kept under control and we remain competitive.

In general they are very similar and in some cases can be less. In many cases, defective pebble dash or render does not have to be totally removed; it can be patched and repaired. Any perfectly adhered render, if taken off not only creates unnecessary work but can damage the inner wall, so a patch and repair system in many cases is preferable and more cost effective. Once the substrate is 100% sound, the walls are primer stabilised and the long life resin product is sprayed over to give an even finish. It is not always necessary to fully scaffold the property thus making the installation as competitive as conventional finishes which do not of course have all the weatherproof and breathing qualities of the resin wall coatings.

If you would like a virtual quotation and we haven’t already provided you with this, please feel free to contact us on the above Freephone number (0800 508 8108) or email your address and we will be happy to help! Should you decide to proceed with the work, you can look forward to a dryer, warmer, maintenance free property for the next 25+ years.

It’s easier to think of wall coating like the Gore-Tex fabric used in high performance sportswear. Droplets of rain are too big to penetrate, but water vapour is small enough to escape through the micro-porous membrane – allowing the walls to breathe and dry naturally.

The trouble with using traditional exterior house paints is that they don’t stand the test of time. You have the inconvenience of regularly maintaining the exterior of your home and then every few years you have the cost of getting the decorators back in to repaint it. So although our professional wallcoating service may be slightly more expensive to apply initially, within a few years it will have saved you a considerable amount of money and worry.

No Need To Paint wall coatings are considerably thicker than a standard masonry paint, so to ensure that we get an even, protective coating over the entire surface, we use powerful spray applicators. Don’t worry, we don’t make a mess – all areas are carefully masked off with tape and heavy duty paper! We also take special care to protect plants and shrubbery with protective tarpaulins.

Spray coating a house does take longer than painting it by brush and a thin coating of paint. The time consuming aspect comes in the preparation: cleaning the walls, repairing any cracks or defects, and then masking. The effects of bad weather however, are minimized with our process, as the smooth coating is touch-dry within 20 minutes, and the textured coating is touch-dry within the hour. Being resin based, the coating will cure and become fully set in 5 to 7 days. Overall it may take 50% longer to coat your house than to paint it, but the end result looks so much better and lasts far longer.

No Need To Paint wall coatings require very little work. However if you live in an area where there is a lot of airborne pollution, the coating may become marked with dust and particles. In this situation simply clean with water by brush or power spray. We would recommend giving it a clean every 5 to 10 years to restore its natural appearance.

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