Why Render ?

Due to the extreme weather experienced in the UK there has been a real need for an alternative to normal paint cement render and pebble dash systems.

These products in some cases are century’s old technology and whilst they offer some weather protection, most renders, paints and pebble dash finishes and the like still absorb water and do not weatherproof the property 100%.

With some exposed walls, and extreme weather conditions damp can penetrate through the walls and into the inner rooms. With the advent of long life plastics such PVCU windows, soffits and gutters, the resin wall coating system is totally waterproof, keeping the damp out but still allowing the walls to breathe.

The weatherproof exterior wall coatings can be applied over pebble dash, stucco, Tyrolean, normal render and painted surfaces to offer a weatherproof breathable finish which will require no maintenance for up to 25 years other than the occasional wash down to keep its clean appearance.

All of our work, provided by our network of registered installers, come with a 15 year guarantee which can be independently insured. The product is also recognised to keep house walls drier hence warmer and the perlite granules built in to the coating do have a small insulating effect.

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Totally Weatherproof

Will Not Fade

Completely Breathable

Warmer & Drier Walls




Though the wall coating system is more work intensive than a standard painting and decorating job, a normal installation we would power bio wash the walls, hammer test the walls, remove loose defective render, vee-out cracks and fill and then apply the primer coat.

Once the walls are 100% sound, all areas not receiving treatment will be masked out with paper and tape and the long life Andura coating is applied by a compressor and pneumatic pump being sprayed on up to 20 times thicker than paint.

The product is touch dry within 24 hours but takes up to two weeks to fully cure. Clearly the work involved is far greater than just rollering on an exterior emulsion and incurs more cost.

However, when you consider for the next 25 years or more you will not have to repaint and you are protecting your property from the ravages of the winter and damp and also saving on heat loss, the savings you make over this period becomes very viable.